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Fish, Clay, Perspex

Perspex section of Fish Clay Perspex

Toured UK and France in 2009 and still in repertoire. Falling bests, battered clay, bendy legs and frantic scribbling, are all highlights of this simple small-scale piece that explores the dilemmas and failings of the human mind through a series of intimate character studies.

‘Fish’ is the tale of a character that whilst musing along the seashore has to come to terms with an oversized fish that has landed on his head. This can be seen as just a bizarre tale or as man’s struggle with chance and the unpredictable outcomes of life. Tabletop and simple bunraku style puppetry

‘Clay’ is the tale of a sculptor’s joy of creativity, then doubt, leading to an inner crisis between experiment and conformity. It features clay bashing, sculpting, ornamentation and sleight of hand. Life-size puppets table top and clay

‘Perspex’ the tale of a character’s loss of friendship and final redemption, told through very small puppets, and marker drawing on Perspex. Very slapstick, amusing and intriguing. Small, cloth and wire articulation sack puppets, perspex screen and marker pens


It is a tribute to the imaginative and technical flair of the company that you can quickly accept the fact that someone’s head can become a beach upon which a fish gets stranded.

Lyn Gardner

This collection of short puppet-pieces for adults asks, eccentrically, charmingly and occasionally revoltingly, how two become one.

Caroline McGinn

Creative Team

Puppeteer Performer
Sarah Wright
Puppeteer Performer
Liz Walker
Ben McCabe & Hugh Nankivell