Plucked - a true fairy tale

Toured during Autumn 2011 and January 2012

Pull from your loins a nest of twigs, beware the wolf-man and the raven too!  Drawing on images and themes from life and myth, and using live video-feed painting, object theatre, puppetry and animation Plucked follows a journey of love and betrayal, from beauty to beast and beyond.

It is scary and haunting, funny and tragic.

Work on ‘Plucked’ began in 2010 by researching the roles of older women in myth and fairy tale,  flight and birds.  Artistically we experimented and played with objects and live-feed video projections, live-painting to a spoken narrative, life-size puppets, object theatre and stylised movement.  Scenically the intention was for the set to be very simple but suggestive of castles, towers and with some Heath Robinson type elements.

In January and April 2011, the piece was developed and shaped through rehearsing in front of an audience,  at work-in-progress performances and feed-back sessions at the Washpit workshop and The Hub in Leeds.

‘heart and soul warmed by lyrical and emotional work’  (on Twitter from Washpit showing)
‘big fan of the fairy tale and that’s as dark as they come’ (on Twitter from Hub showing)