Art Collaborations & Projects

Paper dresses used in 'The Dress Rehearsal'

Participatory art projects with Rozi Fuller (animator) and Jim Bond (kinetic sculptor) 2015.

Working with musicians, performers and other artists to create performances.


'The Dress Rehearsal' 2014

A collaboration with animator Rozi Fuller and exhibited in a caravan as part of The Art Market.

Small paper dresses arranged in a 'landscape' on which animated lines forming figures were projected. The whole was viewed through coloured peepholes from the front window of the caravan. 

‘The Museum of Hidden Delights’, Dewsbury Market, Wednesdays & Saturdays, March – April 2015 (a work of accumulation with items sourced from the market and deconstructed, categorised, metamorphosed and labelled by the artists and the public). More info coming soon...