The children in Catmother by Invisible Thread theatre


Two children meet a beguiling woman by a bridge on their way home from running an errand for mother. She offers them secrects and dancing but only if they can be REALLY naughty. Can their mothers warnings of the arrival of the Catmother ward them off their perilous course? 

Catmother is a sinister and comic combination of Victorian cautionary tale, mechanical theatre and live double bass bringing a tale of promise in a cruel world.

In addition a new puppeteer joins the company from the audience for each performance. They follow instructions on a soundtrack to help bring show to life.

The piece is approx 50 minutes long.

Audience feedback from showings:

"I loved the pace and engaged with the story. I liked hearing the stage directions - it gave another structure. The way the stage transformed, it was another member of the cast; little details, the bedroom floor becoming a landscape. The characters of the puppets and the interaction of live music and the interaction with 'Jo'."

"I think it was a fantastic building of the dark and horrific mood, but one that could entertain children but frighten them as well in a safe way, like Dr Who or in the tradition of Mr Punch"

"Loved the ingenuity of the mechanical set, the macabre humour and effectively integrated music."